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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Pea souper fortnight

Feb 12th

Horrible day low cloud and a dank day, however decided to abandon my support for the English rugby team (new they would win)and try and utilise the weather window that was opening up. Went straight to the monastry area of seggar woods and was quiet pleasently surprised to find life, a roe deer disappearing into the thickets and wasn't to be seen again, at least they are still about, had some guns in the woods lately.
 In and around the twisted ash approx 20 redwing and a couple of mistle thrushes mixed in with them, it's amazing how big the thrushes are to the redwing. Unfortunately no sign of the nuthatches but did see 4 x GS woodpeckers Parus family chaffies and bullfinches were also present. My best surprise was that I nearly stepped on a woodcock, that got me heart racing frigthened the living day lights out of me, however that was encouraging the previous week I came across the same bird (only summising here) but couldn't ID it, flew and disappeared too fast. Next weekend has to be better.

redwings near the old monastry

18-20th Feb

Here we go again, Friday afternoon the wood was dead had to take a picture of a birch polypore, 1 x GS woodpecker sighted flying over, even the Parus family weren't about, think they were all emptying the garden feeding stations

Saturday woke up to snow, took the dogs out and had a walk through the woods not even an itch, abandoned any hope.

Sunday got to get some phot's, thanks to Steve E. blog mentioning Brasside ponds decided to have a dodge down they , been a while since last visit, Goldeneye, wigeon BH gulls, black backed & herring gulls cormanants coots moorhens tufties mallards and mute swans present. Walked into a patch were some tree thinning had taken place and noticed the owl box as I got closer saw movement to the front of the box, was it to be!
No the box had a squatter in it and by the looks of it the owls may have to send some heavies around to shift them, yep grey squirrels present.

Primarily that has been my fortnight, whatever happened to cold crisp Feb. days even night time photography has been pants, anyway onwards and upwards and we will see whats around the next corner


Pea souper fortnight hopefully over

till the next

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