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Around the place
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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lark rise

With the other half meeting up with her sister took the offer of being dropped off down the fell, I know how lazy is that, decided to get dropped off on the lane where I had a mooch up the south burn, the best  I saw was a goldie treecreeper, gs woodpecker and some redwing approx 5, pretty quite really heron lifted off the wannister bog area. Zig zagged across the reclaimed open cast area  and a wee jump for joy my first skylark of the year singing his little heart out.

Carried on up the farm track network towards home where a further 30 redwing, small group of long tailed tits, 2x bullfinches were sighted and approx 100 woodies, nice little mooch out


till the next time

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