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Monday, 7 February 2011

Monastry mooch

Decided to have a mooch around on Saturday (5th Feb)on my local patch, wasn't optimisic about seeing a great deal with the battering winds that had prevailed the previous 24hrs. The walk started off quitely with only seeing members of the Parus family on the reclaimed pit heap,kicked around to Joe's pond still no sign of the Moorhens(bred and raised three last year)but not really a surprise with everything flattened by the snow. Trailed through the woods again the Parus family being the only spot, hung around some woodpecker knocking posts but no sign, getting worried about these guys usually are drumming by now or have done for the past nine years.

Well seen nowt, suppose I'll have to kick up onto the Charlaws

AH, better success by the old monastry the list grew, a charm of Goldfinch, Bullfinch x 5, Redwing x 3, Mistle thrush and a pair of Nuthatch, got a glimpse of my female GS Woodpecker which I spotted about 2 weeks ago, come on lass find your man.
After leaving the Monastry area  I kicked into the old clay pits, forgot how wet and boggy this place is, yeap on my backside and sliding, however some good signs of plantlife were emerging, might be a regular plant spot in a couple of months.  Kicked on again, around the Charlaws, saw a couple of Jays, Crows and BH Gulls no sign of any Curlews or Buzzards.
Re entered Sacriston woods when a lovely Treecreeper came into view, same place as i was watching it last summer can only summise it's the same bird, chuffed with that.

And thats my Monastry Mooch

four greys seen in Sacriston woods, this one taking time out

Bullfinch near the Monastry

Wed 2nd Feb, saw my first toad in the open


  1. Hi Dave,
    Bumped into your blog via Waldridge Naturalist. Looking forward to following your good self and hearing whats in your area. I live in Wallsend but like to get out and about and exploromg the region. Spend most of my time ( when i can afford the petrol) in Northumberland so don't know your area at all well. I am coming down to the Waldroidge area sometime soon for a neb so will call past your neck of the woods also as i see its close by.
    Good luck.

  2. Nice little walk - by those woods there seem to stretch for miles.
    Spent many an hour up that way in the early '90's, but only occasionally since.

    The Laughing Lad yaffling on the edge of the pit heap / heugh area is a vivid memory & male Lesser Redpolls displaying over the back of Daisy Hill Club another.

    Looking forward to reading more Dave.